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About Us

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Here at The Floor Store, we provide a personalized approach to your dream finishes. We want to create "a fan" of our products and service rather than viewing you only as a customer. We believe that through our genuine approaches to customer service, sales and installation, we can team up to give you quality products that will last for many years to come! 

Personalized Approach

Flooring Wooden Floor

Excellence and Professionalism

Come in to the floor store and be welcomed by our friendly staff. We want to make you feel welcomed the moment you step inside. 


Do you want a space in your home or business to be measured and quoted? Our staff would be glad to assist in the process by giving you a free assessment and quote!

Insured and Guaranteed

Whether it be our in-house installers or subcontractors, we make sure that you experience a professional sale and installation throughout the process. Our installers and contractors are fully insured and licensed.  

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